Ivanti's Revolutionary New Pricing: 5 Things You Need To Know - 2018年3月20日

In late January, we unveiled out new pricing models to the Ivanti sales team and our partners. And now our approach to bundling is rippling across the industry. We knew that our mission to Unify IT could only be accomplished if we had a unified pricing model.

In this webinar with out CMO and VP of Product Management, you'll get the details on our transformative ELA model and our 'Pick 2' pricing model.

Who is this webinar for? If you're an Ivanti customer or think there's even a remote chance you would ever be an Ivanti customer, you should register. And a suggestion: grab your boss and make him or her register too. This is one you shouldn't miss.

Most of our webinars are totally educational and we try not to 'sell'. In this webinar, we're going to focus on you and how you can save money. Our CMO and VP of Product Management will answer your questions after their discussion.

スティーブ・モートン(Steve Morton) | 副社長兼CMO | Ivanti

デュアン・ニューマン(Duane Newman) | 製品管理部門バイスプレジデント | Ivanti